Workout 09.12.2020

Das Ultimative ABS Workout

Jede Übung 50 sec.  und 3 Wdh.

-Side Lunge Squat

-Leg Let Down

-Leg Side Lift, Front Lift  im Stand

-Inch Worm

-Seide Plank Leg Lift

-Plank Jacks

-RL One Leg Lift

-Russian Twist

– Legs Up Hip Lift (Hip Raise)

– Side to side in Crunch Position Heel Touch

– Sitting Leg Scissor

– Crunch to Heel Touch

-Plank inchworm Walk out

-Crossing Knee Touch Crunch

-Plank Step Up

-Bicycle Crunch


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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